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Safe Medications to Take While Pregnant. What's safe and what's not when you're expecting.


Yes, a website that states that it is safe to take OTC during pregnancy.  Article lists medications for treating common pregnancy-related symptoms.


Heartburn Drugs in Pregnancy Tied to Asthma in Babies

The New York Times Jan 10, 2017

This article reports a recent meta-analysis of largely retrospective cohort studies most of which were deemed to have a strong risk of bias assessment . Despite these caveats it risk of childhood asthma was reported to be  46% increased. The reason for the apparent association is unclear.


Pregnant Women Turn to Marijuana, Perhaps Harming Infants

The New York Times  Feb 2, 2017

As marijuana becomes legalised in more US states, a recent survey reveals that younger women are using marijuana (~4%).  Women use marijuana to quell morning sickness and there is anecdotal reports that cannabis is perceived as being safe.


The case for testing drugs on pregnant women.

World Economic Forum Jan 9, 2017

A re-printed article from 2015 but thought-provoking and well worth a read.

Quick round-up of new related items that have appeared in newspapers and magazines.

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Two articles reporting the same study


Why Pregnant Moms Are Being Warned Not to Use Hair Spray

Café Mom 7 March, 2017

A recent article in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public found a link between hypospadias and hair spray use. This article clearly attempts to put the results in perspective noting : "Moms barely know they're pregnant when the penis is developing," Cain points out. "You almost have to have a planned pregnancy to know."   and "We don't have enough data right now,"


Compare this to -


Hair Spray Is The Number One Cause Of Common Birth Defect In Boys

Counselheal 8 March, 2017

Reaffirms the conclusions and supports them by suggesting that the studies are supported by earlier studies linking hypospadias to maternal exposure in manufacturing plants or hairdressers.


Suit Claims Pesticides Caused Oxnard Boy's Birth Defects

KEYT 15 March, 2017

Mother claims that son born with hemifacial microsomia caused by pesticide exposure while strawberry picking.